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3D box configurator

Digitize your porftolio

Transform your large catalogues into a 3D parametric configurator and let your sales team or clients create any box in 3D. Digitize your product portfolio and your customisation processes.

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Customize in real time

Close deals faster

Through our 3D experience, create the perfect box and add your clients’ artwork to validate in real-time. Avoid sending unnecessary physical prototypes & close deals faster than ever.

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Obtain lead data

Optimize your sales process

Store your interactive proposals and lead infor-mation to integrate with your sales and produc-tion process. Share the proposals with your pro-duction team.

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Choose your strategy

InstaBox will do the rest


Embed InstaBox 3D on your e-commerce and let your clients customize.

Internal Tool

Use InstaBox 3D with a Login so your sales team can create interactive proposals online for your clients.


Create graphic content for your marketing campaigns with InstaBox 3D.

Trade Fairs

Use InstaBox 3D to create 3D experiences at online and offline trade fairs at your stand.


"Thanks to 3D CLICK who implemented our 3D customization module on our website for a unique customer experience".

Charlotte Dumain

Sales Director, Coradin

To show the value of what you have to offer, why not let your happy customers do the talking? It's a simple but powerful tool for establishing trust...

Thomas Lee

Marketing Lead, Oculus

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